Dear Valued Friends and Felines.
It is with a somewhat heavy heart that we want to inform you we will only be taking bookings for the 2021 year up until Feb 9th. After 34 years on the job it is time to enjoy family, friends and the odd round of golf. The cattery will not be open after Feb 9th however all bookings made up until Feb 9 will be honoured. Please check back on the website or Facebook page for any update later on in 2021. In the meantime please feel free to keep in touch. It has been a pleasure.
Kevin & Pam.

Where cats prefer to holiday

The Greenlane Cat Hotel

The Greenlane Cat Hotel is a purpose built luxury cattery in Auckland. Established in 1979, our boutique cattery provides both long term & short term boarding accommodation.

We are Auckland City Council approved and experienced in boarding all types of cats. We aim to provide a 7 day a week service that’s easy, friendly and offers the highest standards of hygiene.

The Hotel

Who are we?

Kevin MolloyKevin Molloy has more than 30 years in the Auckland cattery industry.

His wealth of experience is testament to the great reputation the Greenlane Cat Hotel cattery enjoys amongst customers throughout the wider Auckland area.

You can be assured peace of mind when your cat is with Kevin at his clean and homely Auckland boarding cattery.

Our Rates

per day

Cash/Eftpos available

Where are we?

The cattery is ideally situated just 10 minutes from Auckland City and 1 minute from the Greenlane motorway exit.

20 Mapau Road, Greenlane, Auckland 1051

Find us using Google Maps

(09) 520 1659


Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 7am to 10am &
3.30pm to 6pm
Saturday 7am to 10am
Sunday 4pm to 6pm

The Guests

In Our Care

We will do everything required to make sure your pet stays in the best of health while you’re away.

While Kevin isn’t a vet he is able to administer routine medications. Please bring them in with you clearly labelled and with written instructions.

Any veterinarian services or care required will be, where possible, carried out by your own vet. If this is not possible, our preferred cattery vet Colin Hill of Remuera Vets is on stand by for us. Kevin prides himself on the love, care and attention he gives all the cats in his care.

You can keep up to date with what your cat is up to by following the Greenlane Cat Hotel on Facebook.


Yes please. In order to provide the best possible protection for our guests during their stay at the cattery, the following requirements are essential.

Cats must have an adequate course of vaccinations against Feline Enteritis and Feline Rhinotracheitis (Snuffles).

Please ensure that the last shots your cat receives is no more than 11 months old nor more recent than the last 2 weeks. If in doubt your Vet will explain or feel free to telephone us.

Please bring your vaccination card with you.

The Ammenities


We’re a boutique cattery where each cat is given a wooden built in cage in a ‘run’. Each ‘run’ provides a spacious play area, towers, piano, hidey holes and a radio going 24 hours a day to remind cats of home.

You can bring your own blanket, or toys to go in their cage or the cattery has a supply of small comforts to make your cat comfortable. We aim to be Auckland’s best pet hotel.

Room Service

No matter what your pet’s dietary needs, we can help where allowable. We will take a personalised diet from you regarding your pet’s eating habits and aim to provide an excellent culinary experience for our feline guests during their stay at the cattery.

If your cat is on a prescription diet you will need to supply this to us. This is all part of the personal care and attention your cat gets at our luxury Auckland cattery.

Enquiries & Bookings

Contact us

20 Mapau Road, Greenlane, Auckland 1051

Find us using Google Maps

(09) 520 1659



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Booking Dates

Saturday Drop off is 7am – 10am.

Sunday Drop off is 4pm – 6pm.

Saturday Pick up is 7am – 10am.

Sunday Pick up is 4pm – 6pm.

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